Got a project in development and need some guidance? We have the financing experience and extensive international distribution relationships to help.


Maximize your benefit. We know the people and the process. Producing in Canada brings you aggressive tax benefits—plus the $ US exchange rate— WOW!!


Need some ‘financial engineering’ to maximize your international and Canadian options? We'll guide you through an array of options.


Need help setting up distribution for your completed production? Completing a project is tough, but distribution is key. If no one can access your content, you’re not being paid for it.

International Markets

The worldwide market for media is massive. From the traditional distribution methods (broadcasters, theatres, DVDs etc) to the explosion of Digital Platforms, we can help with all of this.

Development & Packaging

We help develop your project to the point where we can attract meaningful elements (cast, director, sponsorship, equity, pre-sales, etc), which creates a financeable 'Package'.

Producer's Rep

We'll be your advocate and get your project past more gatekeepers than you could do on your own. We help you steer clear of pitfalls when selling your project, and ensure you aren’t robbed of your due benefits—yes, this can and does happen.


We can help you navigate through the necessary paperwork.

Script Evaluation


we'd love to have your feedback on your experience so far