You no longer need to be totally immersed with contacts in the biz, or sink a lot of time and money into hiring a development team. That's our job!

Here are some sample service packages. Of course, we can put together a custom-tailored package to meet the needs of your project.
(Prices are in US funds.)

Basic Consultation

  • One month duration
  • 5 HOURS phone/video/in-person consult
  • 10 HOURS access to our team
  • 1-2 page macro assessment of your projects's potential commercial and market opportunities
  • Delivery Schedule

Executive Consultation

  • 1-1.5 months duration*
  • 10 HOURs per month phone/video/in-person consult
  • Creative review
  • 5 page Full Production Plan 
road map forward
  • Inc. legal support

* pending assessment of your project(s)

Continuation Packages

  • Should a project need assistance beyond the contracted timeframe—more pitching, further revisions, staffing up, production—we offer continuation packages, which we tailor to your needs.

** depending on scope and client needs

Pro Film Finance Consultation

  • 3 month minimum
  • 3 x 1-hour phone/video/in-person consults
  • Non-exclusive 60-75 business days focus on your project.
  • We will even lend our name so you can benefit from the industry credibility (very helpful when financing a project, Rampage has a strong track record and is bondable).
  • General creative outline for 3 of them (1-2 pages each)
  • Specific milestones for moving forward with one of them (1 page)
  • Full treatment for Finance/Production Strategy (2-5 pages)
  • Weekly progress report via email & biweekly catch-up calls
  • Road map forward (including pitch deck, packaging, pitching)
  • Introductions to appropriate key people within Rampage’s network of 3000 international contacts.
  • We design and attend all pitch meetings.
  • Remain on project indefinitely, non exclusive.
  • Incl. legal support.


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