If Rampage is also a production company, why offer these services to other producers?

The short answer is you never know where the next great project will come from, so this is an opportunity for us to ‘mine’ for material and talent. Producers these days collaborate with other producers. Previously, this didn’t happen.

There’s considerable benefit when you combine the resources of two or more seasoned producers.  It’s exponential. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone benefits!

Will investing in a consultant save me money in the long run?

Absolutely. All strategic help will benefit you significantly.

A wise person once told me ‘anything is easy, once you know how’. Most things can be learned. Many people can get a movie made. But, surprisingly enough, that’s only the beginning!

Mistakes you make in the process of development / packaging / financing / production / post-production / distribution can ruin not only your chance of seeing a return on your investment, but also the opportunity to make another movie. We’re here to help you manage (and, in some cases, save you from) this. It’s not just our passion—it’s our obligation—to navigate you through the ‘business’ of your business.

Making a movie entails so many decisions about where and where not to spend the money. Consulting is almost like having insurance! It’s there to protect you.

Sounds like you’re just making a few calls. Can’t I just do that myself?

Sometimes it is only a few calls, but rarely. And that’s not the ‘magic bullet’—it’s your relationships, credits (this business hinges on your IMDB credits), experience and track record. You typically won’t get heard without having this.

Imagine how many people are trying to get the attention of busy entertainment professionals who can move a project forward or finance it. It’s ridiculously hard to get through to the right influential people—because it’s designed that way! 

I will be needing help with distribution, but right now I’m just starting production. When should I get Rampage involved?

As soon as possible! The earlier we get involved, the better able we are to help in all aspects—especially with enhancing the project’s commercial appeal.

The later we join the process, the less guidance and help we can give. 

How do I get started with Rampage?

Tell us about you and your production! Let’s do a video call and dive in! Remember, we are screening you as much as you are evaluating us. We don’t just dance with anyone! Getting productions off the ground is our goal, so we are choosy who we align with.

In advance of our call, we’d invite you to send any and all materials (subject to signing an NDA): script, packaging / presentation documents and any current attachments to begin the process.

What does Rampage mean by ‘fast-tracking’ my project?

Time is everybody’s enemy! Something that’s hot today will likely be cold tomorrow! With the ‘executive shuffle’ that occurs in the media business, together with the fast-shifting nature of the business, you need to move fast.

We can condense a timeline that might typically take you many months to navigate on your own. We generally know in 90 days what your options are.

Are there guarantees?

This is the entertainment business, one of the most competitive industries in the world!

If ever there was a business where there are no guarantees—this is the one.

We can, however, state this: If you guarantee us that everyone we show your project to will love it (and we mean everyone) then we will guarantee it will get produced.

How do you determine which projects to get involved with?

We’re a business first, and ‘best friend’ second. Our goal is to vet the projects that have the best chance of success. This typically comes down to not what WE like, necessarily, but what the MARKET likes.

We keep a keen eye on who is buying what—and why—and then aim to serve that market. Nobody wants to see another unproduced script sitting sadly on a shelf. 

Who are Rampage’s services a good fit for?

Rampage offers services for the full spectrum of producers: from the fledgling producer aiming to get their first project off the ground, to the seasoned pro who just needs that ‘last piece’ in place for financing to close. We are a resource with an enormous relationship pool. We can help you through the entire gamut: consulting, development, packaging, financing, pre-selling or distribution of your media content.

Is it possible to defer payment?

Our 30 years of producing has massive value. You have the opportunity to benefit front this, and fast-track your production. But… we like to get paid too!

We don’t defer our fees. (And, generally, neither does anyone else who is very good at what they do!).

Is the retainer fee paid before the services are rendered?

Rampage requires 50% payment of the full fee (similar to a law firm) prior to engaging in service work, and the balance at the end of the term.

What if I only need help on one aspect of production? Like script?

No problem! We can access the best response for you in that key area. Script is particularly a favourite of ours because if you get that one right, all good things follow! 

Why the success fee?

Rampage is all about success. If we help you succeed, we feel that we should participate in this too. In addition to the retainer fees we agree upon initially, we will negotiate a success fee. Both your upfront retainer fee and the success fee are often costs incurred by the production so you can potentially recoup this when the project goes ahead!

Why do you require a retainer fee?

People are seldom effective unless they fully commit to something. I have never financed a production without many dedicated months, countless phone calls, multiple airplane flights and lots of dinners and coffees. While we invest our time, reputation, relationships and experience, we ask you to invest the material and some form of financial contribution. 

What happens if my project doesn’t secure financing?

You learn a lot, and then roll up your sleeves and get going on another project, utilizing what you learned on this one. Keep swinging and building on your mini-successes until you succeed. And we’re always gonna be part of your team, one way or another. It’s a long term play and the key is to make long-lasting relationships.

Can other producers and/or production companies be involved with my production?

Yes, we often co-venture with other companies to get a project of the ground.

Will Rampage include me in decision-making and discussions with sales companies, financiers, distributors, partners etc?

Of course! Part of the journey here is to equip you with knowledge and relationships to enhance your potential to succeed on future projects. Like ‘Film School— on Steroids’.

Or for seasoned producers, we’re adding to your professional connections.

What is the success rate of the projects Rampage gets involved with?

Tricky question. We are literally only as good as your project is.

Everyone is looking for good material. If you have it, we can make it happen. We can even do a lot with ‘promising’ material. Our database has 3000+ contacts all looking for the next best project.

Getting it into the right hands isn’t the challenging part. Finding great commercial material is the real trick. 

As a very successful producer once said: “If a script is truly great, you can toss it onto the 405 freeway and it will still find its way to becoming a movie.”

Does Rampage option or purchase material?

Absolutely! One reason we like working with other producers and content creators is because we are always seeking content we can produce and/sell! We once produced a movie written by a first-time writer, Las Vegas housewife!  You never know where that amazing piece of material will come from.

Is Rampage choosy about which projects to get involved with??

Absolutely! Our relationships are too valuable to have a ‘throw spaghetti against the wall’ approach to our business. If we don’t maintain the highest quality of material and due process, our calls will quickly STOP getting returned. This is a game of ‘only as good as your last project’, so we gotta be on our toes. You only have so many bullets in your gun, and Hollywood is very sensitive to this!

How can Rampage be ‘expert’ in all aspects of production?

We can’t! But we are EXPERTS at connecting you with the EXPERTS!!

We get you access to the connections that can help. People who are successful, current and prominent in their fields.

Will Rampage claim any ownership in my project or IP?

Unless otherwise negotiated, absolutely not! It’s your project, your baby!


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